How Zombie Elves began…

Breakfast at Denny's.I was having breakfast at Denny’s one day last year, a little upset about a family Christmas movie I had been working on that had just fallen apart.

I wasn’t much of a horror fan at the time, but I started thinking, “what can I do for Christmas now to let off a little steam?”.   My first thought was “Zombie Vampires”.   But then it hit me… “Zombie Elves!”.

I was kind of joking at first. But the more I thought about it, the more I fell in love with the idea. And thus, “Zombie Elves – The Movie” was born.

Initially, it was going to be a short film, something that could be turned around quickly and cheaply that would go viral and make a splash on the internet, so it needed to be raunchy and offensive. And who better to pen a script like that than local comedian Greg Wilson.

Greg Wilson

LA Comedian Greg Wilson

Greg had so many great ideas that the script quickly became 15 pgs and doing it justice would have been very costly. I budgeted it both as both animated and as live action but just couldn’t justify the cost for a short film. And that was when I decided it was a good enough concept to warrant a feature film.

The feature film is going to be live action and more of a dramatic story and less shocking, but I loved Greg’s script so much that I took the opening sequence from it and hired the very talented Corky Quakenbush of Spass Bass Films to animate it.

Corky did such an amazing job that the video got thousands of views on youtube and created a lot of traffic on our web site.  (I’ll be sharing the behind the scenes footage of how the animation was made soon).

The clip pokes fun at the old Rankin Bass Christmas movies, which prompted many people to think the feature was going to be animated, but it’s not.  The feature will definitely be live action.

After that I decided to have movie posters, t-shirts and a calendar designed so people visiting the web site could purchase branded products which could potentially raise money for and bring awareness to the film.

These are the two movie posters I had designed.

Zombie Elves Movie Poster 01

Movie Poster 01

Zombie Elves Movie Poster 02

Movie Poster 02

Here is the calendar and the t-shirt.  All products should be available for purchase around the first of August 2011 and will posted on the web site soon.

Zombie Elves 2012 Calendar

2012 Calendar

Zombie Elves Santa's Screwed T-shirt

Santa's Screwed T-shirt

So now that the products are designed and being manufactured, it’s time to get this movie made!  I hope you’ll follow along as I produce my first horror film.

Please “like”  Zombie Elves – The Movie on Facebook.

And visit the Zombie Elves web site.


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